We believe the key to successful business relationships is communication. Therefore we always strive to be open and approachable; we want your workplace to incorporate as much of your business' unique identity as possible.

Our relationship will start with a business conversation, the primary purpose of which is for you to learn about us and for us to learn about you. You will deal directly with one of our highly experienced directors - each of whom have a proven track record of corporate property planning on small and large scale projects.

The next stage of the consultation process is the Workplace Appraisal. Here we try to fully understand the individual way in which your business operates and then decide how we can deliver a service and a product which best suits you. We will communicate with you about every aspect of the process, identifying all potential adaptations so you can get the most out of your new work environment. 

Our furniture team is in-house and can draw on 30 years experience within the furniture industry to provide options that dovetail perfectly with the Workplace Appraisal. The team will consult with you on everything from specification to delivery dates and all logistical aspects of the operation.



Once we have fully assessed your aims, the design team will lead the second phase of the process - starting to create a concept plan to improve your workplace using the details we have accrued in the Consult phase.

Our renowned designers will collaborate with our consultants to establish the framework for the project and then begin designing a plan which best accommodates your specifications. This includes working with our expert furniture team who will scour the market in search of the best furniture to suit your new workplace. Our innovative design team will produce a detailed plan to match your requisites and give you the control to make suggestions, adaptations and alterations throughout the process.

Another part of the Configure phase is the pricing and budgeting. Our close relationship with all the members of our approved supply chain enables us to prepare thorough, highly scrutinised budget plans. You can, therefore, review our designs in a financial context to ensure that they meet your budgetary requirements.

By building a solid platform for a successful business relationship with your company in the Consult stage, we expect to be able to deliver on every requirement you have to provide an environment in which your business can grow in the future.



Once we have a design and a cost, we will start to bring the project to life in the Construct phase. Throughout the pre-contract and creative process, our team will be preparing the project for construction. This means dealing with your landlord and statutory requirements as well as procurement through our supply chain.

An essential part of any project is the programme. In particular, we wil identify not only the all-important completion date but also when we will require your decisions and your input.

Your dedicated Project Manager will be responsible for co-ordinating the construction trades to meet this programme, guaranteeing quality and making sure that the process is both enjoyable and stress-free for all of our clients.

After completing the project, our relationship with your business does not end. For the directors of Curve, our role, as advisor and contractor, continues as we strive to deliver and excellent aftercare service. Your lead director will always remain open, available and approachable.