Our Mission Statement

Individually, we have spent decades working for leaders in our respective fields, allowing us to garner strong insight and experience. Collectively, we felt the time was right and the desire was there, to develop something of our own.

Having experience in overlapping industries, it became apparent that each of us could bring something of value to Curve. Moreover, we are passionate about making a difference for the people we work for and creating first-class working environments.

The three of us are keen to put our experience to work, offering sound advice as well as delivering fantastic solutions. In doing so we want to develop a solid reputation within our industry, offer unrivalled service and build a business that we, our employees and our clients can be proud of.


Andy Wilkinson

After moving South at a young age, Andy's career has followed an upward projection from the outset. Starting at office and industrial fit-out specialist firm Quodeck in Reading, Andy soon progressed to a managerial role at Basingstoke-based Target Systems where he took part in large scale projects seeing designs for...

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Mark Bessant

As the original director of Curve Workplaces, Mark has enjoyed a highly prosperous period of his career. Owing to his extensive knowledge of the commercial interior industry, Mark has become an expert in furniture design and planning.

Starting his working life in London, Mark worked with major furniture manufacterers like Steelcase,...

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Michael Potter


Michael has spent two decades advising clients on commercial property, relocation and fit-outs. After graduating from the University of Reading with a degree in Building Surveying, Michael joined Healey & Baker (now Cushman & Wakefield) where he garnered an in-depth understanding of working for a leading property consultancy.


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